The King is Coming

The appointed time is now, be ready, He approaches, Hear the royal horses, hear the trumpets sound?

Make ready for the King

The King is coming

Make ready for the King

The King is coming

The yelling begins,some bow down,

Some stand defiantly against the King.

Some run and hide because they are scared.

But….eventually all will bow down before the King.

Who is the King? you ask.

He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

His name is Jesus.

Crowned with thorns and crucified,

sitting on the right hand of the father until this day,

He passes each one and know the heart of all.

He is the true Savior of this world we call home.

Many have come in His name but didn’t even truly know Him.

So bow down before Him and rejoice for the



Now this is a story of what it might be like when Jesus

Christ returns. We don’t know for sure how it will take

place, but we do know that Jesus is going to return for

His people. That the King truly will come.

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. Romans 14:11

So I will ask you, do you know Jesus Christ today? Is Jesus the king of your life? Are you waiting in anticipation for His return? If you say yes than Praise God. If you say no, you don’t know Him, I ask that you bow your head and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and make you a brand new being. It is a free gift and He is waiting, but if you wait to long the King will come and it will be to late.

Father, I ask that if anyone reads this and doesn’t know you,

that you will open their eyes and heart, that they will accept

you into their hearts. So that they will be ready for when you

are King come back to get us. I ask this in your name Jesus,

Amen and Amen!


Day to Day Living

Your day to day activities might consist of getting up with your husband or wife and maybe getting children up. Making sure they eat breakfast and getting them out the door. Maybe you are a stay at home mom or a stay at home dad and you take care of the little ones. Whatever it is that you do, do you take Jesus with you? Is He part of your daily living? If the answer is no than I have some thoughts for you.

Jesus said that we are to worship Him. Why?

Psalm 95:5-7

The sea is his, for he made it,
and his hands formed the dry land.

Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;

for he is our God
and we are the people of his pasture,
the flock under his care.
Today, if you hear his voice,

He created us to worship Him.

Take time to fellowship with Jesus, open up your bible and read Gods word, spend time in prayer talking with the Lord. He wants to hear from His people. He is like a friend that is closer than a brother. You can share with Him all that happens in your life. He says in His word that He is closer than a brother.

While you are doing your daily living, who do you touch? Believe me you touch someone each and everyday. I watch my grandkids and I know that I touch them. I pray with them and read to them and try to teach them all kinds of things. Are we touching people the right way ( the way God wants us to touch them)? I know I don’t do it enough, but I am trying and it takes time for the Lord to mold us to be what He is creating us to be. Take time in your busy schedule to look at who you touch and make sure you are touching them the way God wants us to. Think of each person as a seed and you are sowing this seed in the ground, pray that you or someone else comes along and waters this seed so it will grow.

Now how do we go about our day to day living? Reading Gods word and thinking about what it says to us and then praying. Those two things together can make a day happen for God. “Meditate on these things” the Lord said. Study,study,study,pray,pray,pray.

I hope and pray these things help you on your journey of living for Jesus. May He guide you and keep you while you follow His commandments.

Do You Recognize Him

Will you recognize the Lord when you see him?

In Joshua 5:13-15 Joshua met a man and asked him if he was for him or for his enemy and the man said neither I am the commander of the Lords Army. How many times do we meet the Lord and don’t recognize him? We need to be aware of the Lords presence so we can know when we meet him.

In Joshua 6:1-17 In this scripture we see that the Lord tells Joshua to walk around the city. He doesn’t want them to charge the city, he is told to walk around the city once a day for six days and on the seventh day seven times and then yell.

What would of happened if Joshua hadn’t listened to the angel of the Lord? Joshua didn’t argue with God, he didn’t complain and say why do we have to do it that way. He listened and then he went and told the people this is the way God wants us to do it. When they did it that way God destroyed the city.

We need to recognize the Lord and listen and then do exactly as He commands us to do. I think just like Joshua we all have jobs that God is wanting us to do. It may be leading people or taking care of people or praying for people. But whatever the job is first we have to recognize Him. Just like the scriptures say His sheep know their masters voice. Do you know your masters voice? Are you one of the Lords sheep?

If you are, then listen to what He is telling you and then act on it. We can listen all day but if we don’t put it into practice it will never happen, then the battle will be lost.

First: Listen to God and recognize His voice.

Second: Act on what He is telling you.

Third: Believe that it is going to happen.

Joshua and the people of Israel believed God was going to give them the city by doing exactly what God said to do.

So like Joshua, we have battles, are we listening to the Angel of the Lord’s army and doing what He instructs us to do? Or are we griping and complaining that it is to hard or we saying we are not sure if it is God at all? Let’s recognize God when He is giving instructions and follow exactly and have faith that the battle is going to be won just as God has said.

God Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

Friendship With Jesus

I am sure that like me you have at least one old friend, the one that has always been there for you through thick and thin. I have two friends like that, Sally and Jody and they have been my friends since we were kids and we have gone through a lot of things over the years. It is that kind of friendship that no matter what you say or what you do they still love you, because they love who you are.

Well I want to tell you about a man that is closer than a brother to me. His name is Jesus, I share everything with him. He watches out for me so He can help me when I stumble and He guides and protects me from bad things in this life.

God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful. 1 Corinthians 1:9 Jesus wants to be our friend, He wants to have fellowship with us. Unlike those friends that we have that we make mistakes with and hurt us and we try to forgive them and go on, Jesus loves us no matter what mistakes we make. He is indeed closer to us then any relative or friend we have. This a picture of my two best friends but I have a friend who is greater than these and He is also their friend and that is Jesus Christ. I pray that you will make Him your best friend today.

May God Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.


When I met Jesus

I thought I would do something different this time,I want to tell how Jesus came into my life.

I was blessed to grow up with Christian parents, who knew how to pray and believed in prayer. If I was sick, my dad would say we should pray and he would lay hands on me and pray for me to get well. He was a man that believed in following the scriptures to their fullest.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was eight years old. Everyday my mother would kneel beside the couch and she would pray and everyday she would ask me if I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart and everyday I would say no not today. Then one day I said yes and I knelt down beside my mother at the couch and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. My life then became very different. I still did the games and things that kids do but I realized that there are things that are very wrong and why they are wrong.

I was a kid, but I prayed and I read the bible the best that I could and my mom would read to me every morning before school and pray with me before I left. I know she prayed for me all the time and still does. We moved around a lot as I was growing up and I met a lot of different people over the time. I grew up in Illinois and moved to Missouri and back to Illinois.

While I was yet in Missouri I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in another language. My life was changed, like Peter of the New Testament I became bold for the Lord then. I found I could talk easier with people about Jesus Christ. Then we moved back to Illinois when I was 14 years old and I asked the Lord to show me who I was to spend the rest of my life with and He gave me my husband who I am still married to. We went together for 3 years before we got married and are going on 30 yrs of marriage. The Lord has been very good to us, He has blessed us with 3 beautiful girls and great husbands for them. We try to keep growing in the Lord and learning from His word. We are both serving the Lord and loving the Lord and each other more all the time.

Even to this day my mom and dad pray for me and my family. My mom is on a prayer chain at her church, so they will take the prayer request I give them and have others pray also. So the most important thing that I was taught growing up was that as a christian we need to pray. Pray is what I try to do, I enjoy talking to my Father in Heaven and sharing my sorrow and pain and also my joy. This isn’t a full story but it lets you get to know me a little.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, Redeemer, I encourage you to ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to come in and make you a new creature.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! Please accept Him today, He is waiting and it doesn’t matter how old you are, He accepts all ages all walks of life.

May God Bless you and keep you in the Palm of His hand.

Faith Do you have it?

Faith is a hard one to figure out. The scripture says if we have faith like that of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Do you know how big a mustard seed is? My husband and I are gardeners and I have seen a mustard seed and it is so tiny you can hardly see it. Now picture this mustard seed being your faith and moving mountains or anything else you want to do. That is faith.

Peter had faith to walk out onto the water. The Israelites had faith to walk through the Red sea to escape the Egyptians.

Hebrews chapter 11: talks about faith and how it worked through the bible. This is verse 1: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. So by faith Peter took the steps out onto the water and walked on water, by faith Paul got bit by a poison snake and did not die.

Do you have the faith to go up against the mountains of life? Like David who had the faith to go up against the giant Goliath. That is the kind of faith we need, one that will stand and not stop no matter what the circumstances are. A faith that makes us like Peter that after he was filled with the spirit became bold and like his name became a rock for Jesus. His faith in Jesus Christ made him bold and solid as a rock he didn’t falter.

So be like the boy named David who only had five little stones and by faith swung the slingshot around and around and let it go and hit that giant right between the eyes and killed him, because he had the faith to stand for God. I encourage you today to study Gods word and pray and seek the spirit of God to receive that faith as a mustard seed to remove those mountains and giants of this life and live victorious for Jesus.

May God Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands.

Being In Tune

You ever listen to a piano or a any kind of instrument that isn’t in tune. It sounds horrible. It is like listening to a person sing off key it just doesn’t sound good. We are like that with the Lord, He wants to tune us and make us what He wants us to be. To make the old go away and be made new in Jesus Christ. Like the song make me an instrument and instrument of worship I lift my hands up in your name. We need to be a fine tuned instrument, not one that is out of tune and sounding horrible.

All through the bible music and instruments are mentioned, the tambourine is one that is talked about. David played the harp.

1 Chronicles 15:16

David told the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brothers as singers to sing joyful songs, accompanied by musical instruments: lyres, harps and cymbals.

2 Chronicles 5:13

The trumpeters and singers joined in unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang:
“He is good;
his love endures forever.”
Then the temple of the LORD was filled with a cloud,

Are you an instrument for the Lord? Do you make beautiful music for Him? Think about it and look inside. God is calling us to be instruments of worship, instruments of praise. Lets learn how to be in tune with the spirit of God. When God wants us to do something, lets forget about finding excuses of why we can’t do it, like Moses who kept telling the Lord he couldn’t do what God wanted because he wasn’t a eloquent speaker. So God had Moses us Aaron his brother to speak to pharaoh think of how much more impressive it could of been if Moses would of let God use him the way God wanted to. Lets make sure that we are saying yes Lord we will go where you want and do what you want instead of making God change the way He wants to do things because we are scared. Let us become in tune rather than out of tune.

May God Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.